This is the only photo we have in our archives of our
first piece of equipment, a 1908 Howe Hand Drawn

Our first piece of equipment purchased by our
founders was delivered on May 13th 1908 for $796.
This hand drawn water and chemical piece was in
service until 1922 when our first "motorized" piece of
equipment was purchased.

Once replaced, it was donated to the newly formed
Fegleysville Fire Company, now known as New
Hanover Fire Company, and later destroyed in a fire.
1908 Howe

Our first motorized piece of equipment
was a 1922 REO / Hale Pumper
purchased at a cost of $3650.

After being taken out of service, it was
sold to a local coal dealer who only
wanted it for the PTO unit.
1922 REO/Hale

According to our records, our 1941
GMC Pumper was first sold to a
township resident and later to the
Perkiomen Fire Company

This photo was taken just before
58-32 was transported to

This was sold to a broker in
1993 and headed to Arkansas

58-81 was sold to a local
businessman in the mid 90's

58-31  left our station June 29th,
2006 for Oklahoma
with only 18,000 miles on the

Purchased in 1977 and refurbed 13
years later, our "Bulldog" was
upgraded with an enclosed jump-seat
area and a stainless steel body.
On Sunday October 3rd 2005, after 28
years of service, 58-22 pulled out of our
engine room for the last time

In the spring of 2012, this was
sold to the Sassamansville Fire
Co. to serve as their Fire Police
1941 GMC
1952 GMC Tanker
1959 Ford/Harwick Pumper
1967 Chevrolet with a Boyertown body
1971 Ford/Imperial Tanker
1976 Mack Pumper
1989 Ford/Yankee Coach
1993 Spartan / 4 Guys
On April 11, 2014 Engine 58-1
was sold to the Russellville
Fire Dept of Russellville Ohio.